Ben Blechman


Notes on recordings:

The player above documents some of the projects I’ve been involved with over the last several years.  The projects are divided into “albums”.  Click on the album you want to listen to.

  1. Master’s Recital - My Master’s Recital with guest artists Aria Disalvio, Adam Kubota, Jim Wintermyre, Alex Wurmbrand, and Sarah Hart.

  2. - Collage - My masters thesis.  Piece for Violin, Cello, and Computer

  3. - Five on Seven - Orignal by me

  4. - Bela Bartok Quartet 2 - with the Castalia String Quartet

  1. Water Bear - A band I played with in Ithaca.

  1. Clambake - A Gypsy Jazz band I often play with in Portland.

  1. Graxxus - A fusion band I played with in Portland, band members Owen Hoffman-Smith, Bryan Christopher, Jon Fox, Ben Schroeder, Brandon Woody, Kevin Ertel

  1. Terracoustic - My New Acoustic Trio